AlxZandria is a singer, actress, and model, making her mark as a “Triple Threat”. As someone who grew up in the Philadelphia foster care system separated from her birth family, Alx gravitated towards the arts as a way to express herself. Now her talent and consistency is starting to gain recognition. As a singer, Alx recieved the “Momentum Award” for best inspirational song, was nominated “Best Live Performer”, and was the “People's R&B Choice" in 2022. Alx also enjoys performing her original songs as well as covers with her band, presenting an engaging and soulful show. As an actress, AlxZandria won the P.U.F.A. award for “Best Supporting Actress” after co-starring in “It Was Written”, as well as films set to be released soon. Lastly, as a model, AlxZandria has been published in magazines such as Black Mag, MAMi, and created her own brand, “Sensual Siren Official”. As this multi-talented artist continues to pursue her passions, she hopes it will inspire other dreamers who come from similar backgrounds.